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At Shadows in the light

We seek to be a pause in time and space to capture the magic of your unique beauty through erotic photography.

Blending the mediums of Fine Art Nude, Boudoir, Bondage including Shibari, Kinbaku, and western rope methods, BDSM and Fetish photography styles we seek to empower you to explore and experience a deeper sense of yourself.

We seek to support the journey of a fuller life both for the curious beginner to experience something new from inside themselves or those far along the path of BDSM to capture a memory in time.

We work with women, men, and couples privately or in a group setting for BDSM events, parities, or ceremonies.

We are honored to capture all the unique beautiful shadows of your personality in the light of photography.

Valentine’s day is coming up fast!

Fortunately we have the perfect gift for you and that someone special in your life, or that someone that you would like to be a little more special in your life.

Let us help you create a life long memory for you both to enjoy in the form of digital photos, leather bound albums, amazing wall art, a private and secure online photo gallery or countless other ideas.

Weather it’s a set of professional photos of you, both of your or a small group, we’ll capture some amazing memories.

Oh, and if your pressed for time we offer gift certificates as a little tease of something exciting coming to come.